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Vendure on Azure - Headless GraphQL Ecommerce

Vendure combines the latest and greatest e-commerce and software developer tools, all with a headless architecture. The fastest growing e-commerce brands and IBM have both relied on Vendure to build their legacy storefronts. 

Users focus on designing and building the perfect storefront for customers instead of missing key functionalities. Use the flexible open source software to customize frontend technologies. Core functionalities extend further with plugins and integrations for payment, infrastructure, storefront apps.  

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Vendure increases developer productivity by simplifying back end performance. Vendure has unique headless infrastructure to Build custom front-end solutions. GraphQL queries necessary data and issues instructions on applications, so you decide how your storefront looks while Vendure manages inventory, marketing, and other standard online sales functionalities.  

Vendure is scalable and flexible. Users customize solutions with plugins, including PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, Coinbase, Elasticsearch, MinIO, Vue.js, Next.js, and Google Cloud Storage. TypeScript, Node, NPM, and Node.js provide seamless integration with existing systems and extend Vendure core functions.  This scalable backend tool built on TypeScript and Node.js delivers query data through GraphQL API to allow flexible front-end integration and extensions. Developers can enjoy end-to-end type safety thanks to the combination of GraphQL and Typescript. An active GitHub community and plugins for advanced search, business intelligence, and wishlist creation provide constant support for Vendure users. 

The Vendure toolkit boosts ecommerce productivity. The inventory management system organizes inventories with ease and monitors product stock movements. Multilingual support makes every consumer market accessible. 

Ntegral certified images are always up-to-date, secure, and built to work right out of the box. 

Ntegral packages applications following industry standards, and continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and application updates. When any security threat or update is identified, Ntegral automatically repackages the applications and pushes the latest versions to the cloud marketplaces.