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Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS (DaaS)

The Ubuntu Virtual Desktop is an enterprise grade Cloud computer, and the ideal remote work environment. Hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service, it requires no hardware. Access your desktop anywhere through any device with an internet connection, including your computer, notebook, and tablet.

The UK Government ranks Ubuntu as the most secure operating system of 11 tested. As a leader in security and maintenance, secure access and peace of mind is ensured. Ubuntu ensures secure access in any location. Ubuntu Desktop LTS is recommended for large scale enterprises, general users, and businesses. 

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Ubuntu Desktop LTS is recommended for enterprises prioritizing security and maintenance. LTS is geared towards enterprises to target multiple desktop and server installations. LTS guarantees reliability so that your enterprise never stops running smoothly and securely. Ubuntu Desktop LTS reduces unplanned downtime thanks to its 24/7 Livepatch. The Linux kernel is continuously patched while the system runs to avoid unplanned maintenance windows. LTS includes more testing and bug fixing because of an extended Beta cycle and shorter development cycle. 

LTS from Canonical supports, maintains, and updates security on Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 for ten years. Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) is offered after this period. A new LTS version is released every two years and a developer release is made every six months. Ubuntu’s Landscape keeps track of the most recent security updates which enhance performance and stability.  Functional support for new server desktop hardware is also included. LTS is ideal for compliance, including government regulated environments. 

Development and business applications and day-to-day tasks and activities are supported with every essential app ready. Ubuntu Virtual Desktop comes pre-installed with LibreOffice, Visual Studio Code, Firefox, Node.js, Thunderbird, ShotWell, Git, and more. LibreOffice is an open source office suite compatible with Microsoft Office. Ubuntu also supports Google Chrome. 

Ntegral certified images are always up-to-date, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

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