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Strapi for Azure

Strapi offers boundless versatility. It is the CMS of choice for developers, content managers, product managers, business leaders, and major companies. Strapi creates a highly customizable, self-hosted API and admin panel. The updated Strapi core extends with plugins, migrates between different versions, and boosts API performance. A new user interface delivers powerful features in an easy-to-use design system. 

Strapi builds applications faster, better, and more easily. It takes three minutes to setup, two minutes to create a flexible data structure, and five minutes to deploy an API. An entire project is built in a matter of hours, instead of weeks. Its Command Line Interface (CLI) scaffolds and manages projects in seconds. Content is created, managed, and deployed to any digital product, channel, or device, faster than ever. Ntegral's Strapi Accelerator handles project deployment. The base deployment uses Strapi Community Edition and support comes from Strapi. 

Developers access the entire open source codebase on GitHub, which is maintained by hundreds of contributors. Strapi v4 releases more feature updates, more frequently to deliver the most modernized API possible. 

Strapi’s versatility goes even further. It features a Rest API, Content API, Plugin API, and GraphQL API. The Rest API grants access to the content-type through the automatically created endpoint channels. The Content API adds pagination, better filtering format, and relations loading options. GraphQL API can be used out of the box without programming. Just connect the API to a database and frontend stack. Strapi v4 has upgraded from configuring multiple to one file structure for each plugin to further increase code flexibility. Only two files must be configured at the root of the package in Strapi v4. Each plugin is much easier to maintain. Strapi v4 takes care of the plugin user interface (UI) so that developers can develop, without spending time creating a plugin UI. Developers have more time to contribute, collaborate, and share. Rest API and GraphQL API allow consumption from any client, such as React, Vue, or Angular, mobile apps, and devices in Internet of Things (IoT). Rest API and GraphQL API use pagination, which optimizes server and client performance. Consistency is ensured by standardizing request and response formats. The split of attibutes and meta adds another layer of customization and expansion. Customization is intuitve and straightforward to save you time. Strapi v4 deploys Azure resources via Azure Portal, Azure CLI, and Azure Resource Manager. 

Strapi is not just an API. It is a powerful database query engine with full-fledged data fetching capacity. Load relations from the database and control the data you need for frontend development, without backend constraints. Operators and filtering retrieve data selectively. Custom code, make complex queries, and filter and sort data as with any other database query engine. Greater data precision includes updated Population and filtering systems. Strapi provides data security and precision. It is self-hosted, so you control your data in every way. It also controls costs.