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Fedora 36

Fedora 36 is the most innovative, user-friendly Linux distro available, for personal computer (PC) and server use. It is upstream of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and compatible with most RHEL software. Compatible with containerization and cloud technology to give developers remote access to their workstation anywhere. Its user interface (UI) and open source devtools are preconfigured to maximize productivity. Multiple customization options are available. Fedora supports a wide range of programming languages and virtualization technologies. System management tools and authentication software for user access control (UAC) ease administration tasks for your bare metal or cloud server. 

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Fedora 36 is a Unix like OS available in Workstation, Server, CoreOS for cloud computing, Silverblue for container based workflows, and IoT (Internet of Things) editions. Multiple package manager software includes RPM, DNF, Flatpak, and OSTree to control installation, removal, and all OS software updates. 

Fedora 36 Workstations offer unbounded customization. GNOME and GNOME Shell are default desktops and UI, but changable to KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXQt, LXDE, MATE, and more. The LibreOffice suite provides a document editor, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and database management. 

Podman, Vagrant, and Docker containerization builds, manages, and deploys applications wherever needed. Fedora 36 supports various programming languages including Ruby, PHP, Python, R, Rust, Java, Golang, Node.js, and many more. Developers utilize Redis, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or the Cassandra database management system for data storage needs. 

Fedora 36 is highly secure thanks to Security Enhanced Linux (SEL) kernel. It applies robust security policies and access control protocols alongside the OpenSSH secure shell (SSH), which encrypts communications. Aarch64, ARM, x86_64, RISC-V, and other processor architectures are supported by Fedora for flexible use on various computer hardware. 

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