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CentOS 8.4

CentOS is the industry standard software developer OS for web hosting. It is highly stable, secure, and enterprise ready.  

CentOS Linux is supported by and compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It runs on multiple processor architectures to achieve high performance on minimal hardware.  

Yellowdog Updater Modified (YUM) is the distro package manager and customizes features as needed. Management panel supports streamlined site hosting duties and server procedures. Bug reporting simplifies troubleshooting by automatically detailing technical issues.

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CentOS is a free Linux distribution created from Red Hat source code. Itis easily used and deployed across multiple nodes. The cost-effective open source development platform saves money on licensing. GNU licensing gives users freedom to modify and redistribute the source code.

A straightforward design optimizes resource allocation towards applications. CentOS features Bash Unix shell as the command line interface (CLI) and GNOME Shell as the graphical user interface (GUI). Centos supports x86_64, POWERPC and AArch64 architectures. Access or make Live CD and Live USB versions. CentOS publishes Amazon Machine Images (AMI) into Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 for virtual machine creation.


The YUM package manager supports RPM packages in CentOS. A repository of add-ons is available to increase functionality by providing packages for database servers, programming languages, and more. CentOS features support for all open source software languages including C, Python, Perl, and Ruby. Proprietary languages include MATLAB and Wolfram.

Core network services like dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) web server integration (Apache, NGINX), file sharing, and DNS make CentOS an inclusive web hosting solution. CentOS Web Panel is a performance monitor that provides statistics from hosted sites. CentOS extended-release cycle and long-term support (LTS) include rigorous testing and debugging to maintain stability and relevance.

Ntegral certified images are always up-to-date, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

Ntegral packages applications following industry standards, and continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and application updates. When any security threat or update is identified, Ntegral automatically repackages the applications and pushes the latest versions to the cloud marketplaces.